Mysterious to the last

With a title like 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis', it is pretty obvious what you are going to get from this song. You are not being subjected to a mind changing, brain challenging epic but instead a simple tune to sing along to. Soaring, whimsical harmonies, a swift beat and an overall chirpiness sums it all up. This is Supergrass in the mid 1990s before they grew up and became serious, thus making The Mystery Jets a refreshing change from the art indie of late.

At times verging on the edge of being a catchy hit, 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis', also has the capability to make you sit back and say "what the ...?" Although The Mystery Jets may continually tell you that "you can do anything you want as long as it makes sense" they then make absolutely no sense at all by singing about a cat befriending a mouse and making everyone cry! But, music needs this quirkiness, it needs the weird and unusual and The Mystery Jets lyrically comply. Ultimately this is a fun single with a few words of wisdom littered amongst the somewhat strange.

Track two, 'Quite A Delight', is again summed up in the title. It is short and sweet with a more up tempo beat that you can not help but tap your feet to. Evident throughout both songs though is the fact that this is a band that is enjoying what they are doing. They are not conforming to the trends of the moment - the smart dressing rock/indie scene. Instead they are making music which is fun. If possible, try to watch the video for the single. Instantly you can see how thrilled and overwhelmed this group is by the whole experience, displayed by the uncontrollable grins they are failing miserably to hide. But who can blame them? It is almost impossible to listen to The Mystery Jets without a cheesy grin on your face. For all their nonconformity and quirkiness they have managed to produce an enticingly playful single. One problem does remain though - does anyone know who Dennis is and what the hell he is trying to do?