The good, the rad and the ugly.

Sevendust are back loud and proud! Having already shifted four million units of their first four albums in America alone, they are about to unleash their fifth album, simply entitled 'Next' on to us. Only last year it looked as if the band were about to take a hiatus when guitarist Clint Lowery was forced to leave for personal reasons, however stand up Sonny Mayo - former guitarist for Snot and Amen - to take up the vacant six-string duties. From there they found a new leash of life and a greater hunger for what they enjoy doing best, and promptly got a new management company before turning their attention to a new record deal.

This single, 'Ugly' starts off, and continues with great deep chunky chugging guitar riffs before the vocals kick in. For the most part Lajon Witherspoon's voice is fairly middle of the road deep and tuneful, however the odd screaming parts adds just enough to give it a slight hardcore edge. The ability to be able to decipher the lyrics is defiantly a bonus, and we get to hear thought provoking words like: "It's hard to keep you by my side/haunted by the vision/too ugly". The fact that it has heavy music, but a lighter side to the vocals, with the odd acoustic parts, crosses and bridges the gap of so many genres that this single is easily assessable to everyone from the hoodie-wearing mainstream-loving bandwagon jumpers, right up to the tattooed and scarred hardcore lovers from back in the day.

Of their new music, Lajon Witherspoon says, "I think that it's our most honest work we've done, 'Next' goes back to our roots and showcases our heavy side. This is a level that no one has heard us at before, because we were able to let loose and not be afraid." Available as a download and as a blood red seven-inch vinyl, 'Ugly' promises not only to not let the fans down, but also to introduce them to a whole new fan base.