'It's Not The Fall That Hurts' is the follow up to Caesars extremely catchy top ten hit, 'Jerk it Out' and at last it seems that we are getting to hear the true Caesars sound. Great as 'Jerk It Out' was, it seemed to be restricting the band, as if they had been forced to break out of the starting blocks with their most catchy, pop infused, radio friendly track. True, 'It's Not The Fall That Hurts' does also contain these elements but they are not so in your face. Instead, this single highlights the depth of the band and permits their musical tastes and humour to flow out to their audience. As suggested by the title, the subject of the song is the knocks you take in life, but don't expect a self pitying, mournful track. The wit of the song is inspired, easily plastering a smile on your face. After all, how can you fail to smirk at a chorus which states, "it's not the fall that hurts it's when you hit the ground". Yet there also an underlying pathos entrenched in this sentiment.

The sound of Caesars is unique. On the one hand they resemble a Californian 1960s group - laid back with sounds that were made for a summers drive along the coast. But there is also more to Caesars then just this. They equally fit into the category of garage rock and with 'It's Not The Fall That Hurts'. These two genres are fused together effortlessly and effectively, allowing the originality of Caesars to shine. 'It's Not The Fall That Hurts' is very reminiscent of a sixties track with a compelling hook, vocal harmonising and an infectious guitar riff. However, Caesars inject a grittier edge to this and in doing so have produced a track for which you can easily chill out to as well as rock to and proving that this is a band not confined to simply making cheery summer hits.