You love them and GLC love ewes.

One mention of the comical sheep pleasers Goldie Lookin' Chain, and you would be able to firstly picture the boy'oes in their over exaggerated white-boy hip-hop look, which you can't help be snicker at like a school boy hearing a fart in assembly, and secondly have the line, 'Guns don't kill people, rappers do' suddenly gatecrash your normally pure thoughts. Not for a long time have we had a band that has divided a nation with music which has been labelled as 'Genius', 'Gimmicky' and, er, 'Crap'. So which in God's name are they? And of course, just whose coat is that jacket?

Most bands would consider six members a little luxurious, however GLC has eight of the blighters, which would therefore be less profit for each of them to buy their Goldie Lookin' Chains, which is presumably where the name comes from - had there been three or four of them then they could've been called Chunky Gold Chain, but anyway I'm digressing.

So what of this single, which I'm sure every single person reading this would've already heard on most radio stations by now? It's a little different from the usual GLC offerings in so much as it's about R'N'B(hence the title - bit of a give away, I know), with a chorus as addictive as a rubics cube and a Wham bar, and an sprinkling of funny lyrics there is little doubt why it has already received so much airplay.

There is no doubting that this smells heavily of gimmick, but when you look at these guys there is some sort connection that I can only assume is to do with the fact that they all look like the guys down the pub free-styling after half a dozen Stellas and a packet of pork scratchings. Even the delivery of the raps, for the most part is fairly amateur, however the rhyming is clever and the lyrics are amusing enough to make this one of Wales' best imports since celery, cute lambs and Tom Jones demanded that, 'You can keep your hat on.'

Motorhead had No Sleep 'till Hammersmith, Beastie Boys had No Sleep Till Brooklyn, and now GLC's tour is called No Sleep Tol Brecon. Genius.

Goldie Lookin' Chain's tongue in cheek musical style is such a breath of fresh air in a hit parade that reeks too much of posers, egos and talent-less wanna bes taking themselves too seriously. Altlanic must be rubbing their hands whilst counting their money as it rolls in.