For those who have stuck by Oasis for the last ten years, who have had to contend with people constantly saying that Manchester's finest will never top 'Definitely, Maybe', now is your chance to wallow in sheer smugness. Oasis have not merely returned to form in 2005, they have surpassed it, upping the ante for other bands to try to reach and doing so in a style that only they can.

Forlorn and somewhat reflective, 'Let There Be Love' sees the Gallagher brothers taking equal share of the vocals on a song which does just enough to tug at the heartstrings whilst tentatively stirring up a wave of nostalgia in each line.

As a songwriter, Noel has the gift of being able to take a simple phrase and transforming it into modern day poetry. Opening line "who kicked a hole in the sky/so the heavens would cry over me" is both thought provoking and breathtaking and as the song winds along to its rousing and moving finale, it is lines like this paired with the musical magnificence of Oasis that sends shivers up your spine.

Only Oasis can reduce grown men to hugging one another in an act of euphoria and 'Let There Be Love' shows why. Lyrically it may deal with emotions but this is a song that still retains the correct level of masculinity to insure that you are not branded a wimp. Yes, similarities to The Beatles will be drawn with 'Let There Be Love' but come on, this is Oasis. They have worn their heart on their sleeves with regards to The Beatles since day one so what do you really expect? It's not a surprise to hear the influence of a certain four Liverpudlians on the track. But influence is all it is. From the opening note to the stirring finish, this is an Oasis track throughout. 'Let There Be Love' is destined to become an anthem for them so get ready to see the quintessential tough guys hugging one another as they sing their hearts out at an Oasis gig and rejoice in the fact that the arrogant bad boys of rock are back on their throne.