Classic rock, classically done.

With riffs bigger than a playboy playmate's bra size, and rock integrity that seems to have been in hiding with many contemporary bands, Zero Point Field come blasting out making no apologies for having a sound that wouldn't be regarded as particularly hip or cool. Without wanting to pigeon hole them at all, the quickest and easiest way to describe them would be that they sound a little like a cross between Audioslave and Led Zepplin with Jizzy Pearl on vocals. It's great classic rock that's executed to perfection.

Naturally and geographically as a proud Swindonian it is always hard to be positive towards anything from Oxford, however credit where credit is due, Zero Point Field are a very good band. 'Something New' is great bluesy rock that will have you tapping your foot and air guitaring, whilst b-side 'Special' is a fantastic rock epic which has Zepplin written all over it. Thoughtful and sometimes technically brilliant, it's hard to give both songs the justice that they deserve.

Busy working hard on their debut album, Zero Point Field have a sound that may not be totally new, but Goddammit do they do it well! So hats off to vocalist Alborz, lead six-stringer James Greenwood, bassist Mark Diggory and skin hitter Paul Winterhart, I'm willing to put aside my feelings for your football team with the realisation that good things really can come from Oxford...