Music that needs a stroke of Babr Luck.

There is a melting pot of styles that could so easily sound out of place, and perhaps these shouldn't work, but somehow they do. Raised with a Muslim background in Pakistan, Babar Luck came to England when he was eight.

First song '1 Luv' is an Indie song with vocals that almost have reggae leanings which give enough originality to become more than a factory spewing guitar-led Indie song. The song is simple enough and tells about the struggles between the different cultures and races. There is the slow simple reggae of 'The Fight Game' and 'Movies', which sounds a little like Finlay Quay.

There is a little more beat with 'Lions', but the simple music helps you to concentrate on lyrics with great meaning that aren't just throwaway lines randomly placed for the sake of rhyme. 'War Fever', is a long the lines of a couple of the earlier slow songs but a little better in it's tune. Stating that '...there is only one God..' Babar Luck concludes that this God is angry.

'101 Spiritual' is a little more upbeat and you could easily bop away quite merrily to it. 'My Friend Used To Be (A Madman)' is better named than it is a good song, for no other reason that it plods along at a nice little pace, but fails to change at all and so ends up being boring. 'Kabanee Kaam' is a little slice of Folk with an Eastern feel, and builds up into a good song.

The problem with this album is that as good as the lyrics may be, the music really doesn't show enough variety to have you wanting more. There is a lot of potential here and I really want to be as positive as I can, however I think that for Babar Luck, there is better music that he will write and perform, and for me this is not it yet.