A Lesson In Classic Rock

B Movie Heroes take no prisoners with their latest EP opening with the body slamming chunk of solid classic rock, 'Godsender'. Unleashing a barrage of drums and guitars straddled amongst an addictive riff, 'Godsender' contains all the quintessential details required to make it a true rock contender and is a song that demands to be played on a main stage at maximum volume. As if to prove that they are not confined to one area of rock, B Movie Heroes takes their music up a notch on 'No Direction' before they return back to what seems to be their tried and tested more accessible style with 'Next Time Round'. With 'Godsender' and 'Next Time Round' B Movie Heroes have created songs catered for those rock lovers who like a bit of rough and yet don't have the courage to fully pledge allegiance to the all screaming, ear bleeding inducing music of heavy rockers. 'No Direction' tentatively steps into such an area but before they dive fully into this market, B Movie Heroes wisely rekindled their relationship with the slightly more mellow rock and do it with a style that is bound to get them recognition.

'Please Would the Last Bastard Here Kindly Turn out the Light', as far as titles go, suggests a tongue in cheek number and does lead to expectations of a powerful juggernaut of a song that whizzes past in a hail of fun and giggles. Nothing could be further from the truth. The title maybe humorous but this is a melancholic, slow sombre number full of soaring guitars and soulful vocals all brought together by a hook that embeds itself into your mind. By the end of 'Still No Surrender', B Movie Heroes have taken you on a journey through their musical calibre. From thundering anthems to rip roaring dirty rock all the way back to the touching epic that is 'Please Would The Last Bastard Here Kindly Turn Off The Light', B Movie Heroes delivers it all and with a style and panache that many bands can only dream of acquiring.