Grip On And Enjoy The Ride

It's possible that the // in their name may be there just to frustrate every music journalist but in today's saturated world of punctuated band names it actually makes a nice change from having to use the exclamation mark, making them more appealing on a personal level, and that's before they unveil tantalising indie rock.

Brandishing an infectiously engaging hook that reels you in from the first beat, V//Formation waste no time before going in for the kill with a soaring indie rock melody that will leave you both begging for mercy and yet pleading for more.

'Little Heart' steadily builds in power as a simple guitar riff makes way for the ever increasing pound of a drum beat before full rock star vocals are unleashed in the same style as Louis XIV's lead singer Jason Hill. With the ability to make lines like "Hey, you have you ever danced with the devil/under a disco ball/ No, I didn't think so" sound like the biggest put down since Suede sweetly sung about everyone being 'Trash'. From this point on all you can do is grip on and enjoy the ride as cymbals clash against a dirty bass line and 'Little Heart' stampedes along, proving why V//Formation are making such head way on both sides of the Irish Sea and confirming that indie rock tracks can also weave a path out of the gig floor and onto the dance floors.