A Lesson In Emo

As the new dawn of emo rears its head, old school emo rockers Taking Back Sunday return with their latest single 'MakeDamnSure'. Sure, the lack of correct punctuation in their singles title would have English teachers everywhere frowning in disapproval but TBS are a band not to be dismissed so easily. Having had remarkable success in the US and gaining an ever growing following in the UK, the New York quintet now seem content to show the new breed of emo upstarts just how it should be done.

Begging to become a crowd pleasing anthem, 'MakeDamnSure' is a perfect introduction to TBS. Lyrically oozing despair and insecurity, 'MakeDamnSure' boasts a relatively calm start before being met by Adam Lazzara's howling vocals as the chorus kicks in and takes charge of the whole track. Chuck in a twin guitar onslaught, rocking drum beats and a quiet break half way before things really kick off, and TBS have created the perfect catchy emo anthem. You just know that somewhere Pete Wentz is nervously looking over his shoulder.