Capturing The Bleakness Of Goth Rock

Ahead of their forthcoming album 'Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts', German Goth rockers Lacrimas Profundere have released a little sneaky peak of what their fans can expect from their new material with the issue of a single, 'Again It's Over' that comes with the added bonus of five extra tracks.

Sticking firmly to their Goth rock foundations, 'Again It's Over' displays all the key attributes of Lacrimas Profundere. Guitar riffs twist their way amongst rhythmically crushing drums whilst lead singer Christopher's deep and rough edged vocals provide a strange melodic hook to the track. Effortlessly capturing the atmospheric bleakness of Goth rock, 'Again It's Over' carries the extra allure of rock radio harmonies that could easily see it cross over into the mainstream market. 'Again It's Over' may not stray from the European Goth rock guidelines but Lacrimas Profundere have nonetheless produced a single that balances perfectly the dark despondency of the Goth genre with the inviting grooves of rock.