Mellow And Sedate

'You're My Flame' is the latest release from Zero 7 third album, The Garden, and sees the band continuing on their mission to bring the summer to everyone's radio. With a techno-esque beat playfully steering the track, 'You're My Flame' mixes an up beat tempo that jitters along with the seductively mellow vocals of long time cohort Sia Furler that work to make Zero 7 sound remarkably similar to Moloko.

Throw some collective "ohhs" and "ahhs" into the mix and lyrics that suggestively claim that "you make hay when the sun don't shine" and Zero 7 have produced the tune to wind down to on the festival field after a long day in the heat when your brain and ears just can't take one more pounding rock beat and your crying out for something just a tad more placid and sedate. Teasingly playful and seductively laid back, 'You're My Flame' is certainly one for those chilled out moments.