Another face in the crowd.

Coming straight out of Birmingham which of course is the home of such legends as Motorhead, Black Sabbath and er, Slade, A Day Called Desire are a whipping up a rock frenzy with their hard-rocking sound that gives a slight nod towards bands like Saves The Day and Taking Back Sunday.

First song 'City Of The Dead' has furious guitar work and fast rhythm section with Screamo vocals. 'Start Of Something New' has some nice drumming beats before the rock-tastic number counting as the music kicks in. The guitar work is a bit more diverse and draws on comparisons to bands like Iron Maiden and Coheed And Cambria, whilst there are also flashes of a less commercial AFI.

'The Present Is Letting U Pass By' has vocals that remind me of London Glamsters Rachel Stamp and is at slightly slower pace, whilst 'Everything Yet Nothing' has a gentle start to a thoughtful song with guitar melodies that could well, and perhaps would've, been better on the piano which builds up into a big chorus.

Last song 'Surface Summer' explodes on the CD player a little like their VW camper van on the way to London's Underworld. The guitars are deeper, dirtier and chugging like a chuggy-thing. It really seems that the band have thrown caution to the wind and gone for it on this track which sees it all hang out with a true rock rebellion!

A Day Called Desire, sound like an American band which of course can be a good thing, just look at Def Leppard or Lost Prophets. Packed with the attitude of a couple of other Emo bands, it's hard to see them as a stand alone band, however fans of both Emo and Scream will being able eat these up like Maltesers to a chocoholic. However with studio time booked next month A Day Called Desire may well come out fighting with a killer album, but this is just a little too much of the same for me. Sorry!