Modern Love

Ah, isn't young love sweet? You can almost see cupid wiping a tear from his eye and congratulating himself on work well done as Californian scamps Say Anything embark on their debut single 'Alive With The Glory Of Love' with the ever so touching opening line, "When I watch you, wanna do you right where you're standing". Forget quoting Shakespeare, surely that's what every girl's been waiting her life to hear. And it gets better as 'Alive With The Glory Of Love' goes on to dream of screwing all day and then remarks about how it will only be the girl's fillings they find in a fire. Leaves you all tingling and glowing with the thought of it. But this is a modern love story for the myspace generation; dripping in angst, oozing in pain and decimating everyone with the 'OMG' killer hook whilst niftily installing some chanting singalongs, an all gusto chorus and good old fashioned drum rolls spiced with raging guitar riffs making for an irresistibly enticing dose of music indulgence. It may not be Shakespeare but would you really want it any other way?