EP does it...

Exeter's Sancho Panzer give is some hard paced emo similar to that of bands like Rise Against, and like on first song, '18-30 Overture', there is a heavy nod towards AFI. 'High Speed Operation' is a little more post-hardcore in it's heavier screamo delivery, whilst on the more thoughtful, 'I Am The People' we see the bands true strength in a song with a heavy but melodic guitar riff and lyrics which is " ...about how everyday citizens don't have a voice or output, whereas nobody-celeb Jade Goody, for example, does..."

'Mandarin' has thumping beats and blasting guitars, whilst slowing down for the vocals, and then building up from the bridge and chorus. 'No Appeal', is a short and gentle song, with things speeding up for the final song, 'Palomino'. Guitarist and chief songwriter, Adam Tildesley says of the EP, "The record is about a collection of different subjects, ranging from everyday ball-ache like working jobs you don't want to, in order to progress with the band, being lied to and being patronised."

It's a nice collection of songs from a band that comes from the part of the country that I like, however whether the songs have enough strength, makes me wonder. There are too many bands with this sound around at the moment, and although they are certainly up there with them, I question whether there is enough originality for success. That said, there aren't many EP's that I truly like, so perhaps they are saying themselves for an album!