Prepare To Get Excited

If all the rumours and talk about these four guys from Devon are to be believed then prepare to get excited about the next big British band. Signed to new up and coming label Fallout (home to The Fratellis), The Rumble Strips are a band unlike any other currently plying their trade. Sure, they may share an indie mentality but this is a group for whom everything revolves around infectious melodies that replace the need for electro triviality for untainted pop hooks and a promising serving of soul. Just think Dexys Midnight Runners nicking the vocal harmonies of The Futureheads before whacking The Coral over the head and running off with their soulfully anthemtic touch. It's unlike anything hogging the airwaves and after just one listen you'll be gasping for more.

Thundering off with a blend of drums and brass that perfectly marry the soulful character of singer Charles Waller's vocals, 'Oh Creole' soon has your feet tapping along as the infectious beat takes hold, building to choruses built upon a brass arrangement that many bands would be too afraid to even contemplate. From this the Devon lads take us on a melancholy trip full of chipper vocal harmonies that disguise the woeful lyrics of 'Born Bored' before taking unleashing the sweetly sinister 'High Street heaven', undoubtedly the highlight of the EP and a track that quickly nestles its way into your head. Things only slow for 'Running Away', a track that proudly straps a wedge of soul to The Rumble Strips characteristic brass ensemble, making for a charmingly unique track.

The Rumble Strips are a band you should be excited about. At a time when electro beats and eyeliner are the must haves for a hit single, it is refreshing to discover a band prepared to stand out from the crowd.