What a gay day!

Eagles Of Death Metal are a band full of camp-rock catchy tunes, and 'I Got A Feelin' (Just Nineteen)' is no different. After the slightly more rock'n'roll antics of 'I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News)' which dripped classic rock - cliché's a plenty, 'I Got A Feelin...' dips into the vein of what you can expect from the rest of the album, which is 70's glam, with camp vocals that sound like Freddie Mercury and the Scissor Sisters are playing a game of naked Twister together, whilst in the Blue Oyster bar which is playing 'Gay Bar' loud and proud on it's pink jukebox.

With big riffs and a drum beat full of symbols and handclaps, incredibly high vocals and plenty of 'oo-oo's, it's a song that definitely grows on you, but one that you would probably not take too seriously. Like Tenacious D, Eagles Of Death Metal have bags of talent but their entertainment comes less from the fashionable music, but more from the swelling egos of a comedic strut.

Josh Homme is certainly airing his feminine side in this, albeit under the pseudonym 'Baby Duck'. Okay. It's not quite as good as their first single, 'I want you so hard...' but it's a jolly little number that will bring a smile to you handle-barred moustache. So I guess that's the main thing.