Firmly Packing Their Dancing Shoes Away

Having already professed to not feeling like dancing whilst injecting the nation with a year's supply of fun and frivolity, the Scissor Sisters return with the next step of their campaign. With dancing off the agenda, 'Land Of A Thousand Words' finds the Scissor Sisters having firmly packed their dancing shoes away, opting instead for the slow burning ballad that strives with all its might to tug at the old heartstrings. And the band have more or less pulled off the poignant sentimentality of a ballad, with all the key ingredients present to concoct a wannabe late seventies ballad that wouldn't look out of place on a Bee Gees album. Without the feel good factor that seems to go hand and hand with most tracks Jake Shears and co. dish out, 'Land Of A Thousand Words' is definitely a song that is appreciated only after a few listens, calling for some perseverance but considering you won't be dancing insanely to this Scissor Sisters track, you may as well put your energy into something else.