Strangely Wonderful

With perhaps one of the contenders for name of the year, Pagan Wanderer Lu is an act that all music lovers should at least delve into. Consisting of the solitary figure of Bolton based Andrew Regan, Pagan Wanderer Lu throw out every music genre you could imagine; blending the polished with the strange, the unusual with the absurd and yet somehow crafting a track that simply clenches your attention and refuses to let go.

EP release, 'The Independent Scruntineer' opens up the world of P.W.L with 'Memorial Hall', a song that starts out life as a missing Arcade Fire hit before transforming into a wonderful slice of indie pop, brimming with catchy lines and uplifting hooks that grip and pull at you with every passing second. From this, the one man band delves into his folk back catalogue, throwing in some absurdly enjoyable electronica and ending up with 'Repetition 2', a song that is so strange and unusual it should be sectioned under the mental health act but a track that still manages to work. It is left to P.W.L's social commentary though to grab the crowning glory. 'Our New Hospital Sucks' may boast a comical title but the smile it will put on your face ends up tinged as the reality and honesty of the lyrics set in. That said, the grunge fuelled guitars that chug along a la Strokes should still put a spring in your step.

Ending on a rather sombre note, 'The Independent Scruntineer' closes with, 'Knight->King 4', an atmospheric led number that gradually builds to a rousing finish drenched in a bitter layer of sorrow and mourning. It may not be one to get things going at the office Christmas party, but there is no denying the simple beauty of the track, confirming that this is one indie act you should try to discover, one that will intrigue and enthrall you without you really knowing why. Strange, unusual and unique, for one man, P.W.L offers so much.