Surfers' Favourite

For a 21 year old from Guildford, Newton Faulkner is most defiantly causing a stir. With support coming from none other than Jimmy Page backed by a following within the travelling surfing community that has been likened to the early days of Jack Johnson, it's safe to say that this young man and his guitar are becoming one of the emerging talents to keep a watchful eye on.

With a sense of warmth wrapped in a wickedly witty sense of humour, 'UFO' is a catchy opener for Faulkner's EP that oozes quirky fun. However, it is when he ventures down his acoustic path that Faulkner truly comes into his own. 'Feels Like Home' reveals a laid back lilting songmanship that gently meanders around Faulkner's vocals as they veer from the silky smooth to the throaty raw effortlessly. From this Faulkner teasingly produces what appears to be an acoustic-based track that builds to a rousing chorus, verging on the edges of being a gospel stomp with handclaps and an upbeat tempo to juxtapose the downbeat verses, allowing 'Alone Again' to reveal yet another side to the man who is fast becoming a surfers' favourite.