Bring On Round Two

With guitars that jangle addictively beside the allure of a catchy drum beat, 'Breathtaking Fight' appears to boast the core ingredients for a thrillingly appealing indie anthem. Throw in riffs that wouldn't be out of place on an arena rock anthem, an unapologetically pop hook and a chorus that simply soars as it raises the song to a triumphantly massive climax and suddenly the 'breathtaking' part of their title becomes oh so clear. Think The Cure being whacked over the head with the melodic charm of The Killers before running off and stealing the Lostprophets pop fuelled rock riffs and yet this still seems inadequate to sum up the sound of the three young Scots. Hailing from Aberdeen, The Xcerts have crafted a ludicrously compulsive debut track that teasingly tantalises with an unpretentious introduction before taking flight and proudly embracing an arena mentality. A breathtakingly promising debut, bring on round two.