Something For Everyone

For some people the press release that falls menacingly out of a newly acquired cd is enough to induce a mind blowing migraine and have you running from the room screaming as you read once again how this is the band that will change your life and music forever only to be let down when the play button on the stereo is pressed. Sometimes though the intimidating press release can seem like a god send, such is the case with !!!'s which, with just a few words, answers the age old question of just how you actually say this band's name. Just how are you suppose to tell your friends about a band who have three exclamation marks for their name? Well now, thanks to the press release, I can act smug and make out I always knew !!! is actually pronounced CHK CHK CHK of course, after all it was pretty obvious wasn't it!

So, with the name deciphered what of the music? Put quite simply the Brooklyn eight piece have come to brighten the dark winter nights with a eclectic flood of colourful beats, delving into the school of dance but with a tentative toe also dipped into an almost punk nostalgia pool. Upbeat enough to have the dance kids boogying their cares away to but with enough bite to have the rock kids gently banging their heads along, !!!'s 'Heart Of Hearts' offers a little of something for everyone, insuring that they should at the very least instil some fun into your life.