Old School Metal

Formed in 2004, Sacred Mother Tongue are a five piece hailing from Central England intent on unleashing a barrage of brutally raw metal equipped with a melodic underbelly, a task they seem to be getting closer to achieving with their latest EP release, 'Revenge Is Personal'.

Paying homage to every rule laid down in the metal bible, 'The Man You Tried To Hide' is like a journey into the history of metal, showcasing the aggressive allure of energetic guitar riffs wrapped around rhythms delivered with thunderous momentum coupled with lead singer Darrin's raw visceral screams that effortlessly jump from the pain tinged growls and howls of a thrash metal front man to the melodic softness of old school metal. 'Wake Up Call' takes the old school metal one step further with a hail of guitar shredding and body rattling growls that immediately conjure images of metal heroes gone by. Indeed this seems to be the blueprint for 'Revenge Is Personal' as Sacred Mother Tongue pay homage to the metal greats and although they do so with skill and vigour, there is a sense that you've heard it before. A great dose of classic metal but sadly on that won't rewrite the history.