All we are is lucky!

Bonnie lad's, The Xcerts, from up there in Scotland have here a song that you can't help but like. I'll be the first person to hold my hand up and say that I'm not a great lover of strong accents, and whilst those speccy twins are back singing their song about boastful long ramblings, The Xcerts, sing a catchy song that could be punk if the guitars weren't so melodic. It's bordering over an indie anthem, and a pop/rock/punk song. Like all good simple catchy songs the melodies are in the vocals, and 'My Book Laughs' is lovely little jingle of a song. The band could well be best described as a Scottish innocent version of The Jam.

It's a shame that this 3-piece don't have a b-side here, however, ever the one to be wily and cunning, I can tell you that the other songs that I've heard from them are just as good. Go check them out on their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/thexcerts