A Trip Back In Time

In case you weren't aware, the 70s are making a come back. Sure, it may still be in its early stages but looking at the current music scene there seems to be a growing number of bands paying homage to their heroes of 30 years ago be it the psychedelic guitar wizardry of Wolfmother or the raw rock of The Kings Of Leon, the era that fashion forget but which music embraced is steadily making its mark on the youth of today. So, to this list let's add one more, the brilliantly named Mac Blagick a band intent on bringing the Jimi Hendrix Experience to today's young scallywags whilst blending in a touch of Led Zep and even a hint of the early Black Sabbath into the mixture. Retro, raw and with a smouldering chunk of pure unadulterated rock slapped to every guitar riff, drum beat and wailing vocal, this is a band to truly bring a touch of nostalgia to the masses, even if you missed it all first time round.

As a surge of distorted howls mingle with a wall of dark and dirty guitar chords that threateningly entice you into the Swedish band's world, Mac Blagick's EP feverishly opens with 'Caligula Nightclub', a track that literally delivers you into a smoke filled room teeming with scuzzy rock riffs and oozing with an arrogant swagger to match. It@s Led Zep meets Jimi Hendrix and the result is a dose of retro 70s rock to delight all. 'Domination' sees the Black Sabbath influences start to show as a wave of menace lurks from every line crooned by Marino Fuketti with only the lack of ritual killings and pentagons missing. Although the trip down memory lane starts to loose its appeal after a couple of tracks, Mac Blagick skilfully draw you back into their time warp once again with 'Stars' as Fuketti mournfully croons like a blues singer backed by wailing guitar solos that break for a frenzied interlude whilst 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' includes innuendos to insure blushes from all. It's classic 70s rock at its best, delivering a touch of nostalgia on a retro plate and whilst the Swedish quartet may lose you at times, Mac Blagick still offer the best trip back in time without the aid of a De Lorean.