Dark And Mesmerising

Obsessive Compulsive revel in mixing things up, they welcome the chance to mould things in their own form and nowhere is that more pronounced than on their latest EP, 'The Corpses Of Thought'. An eclectic a collection of tracks as you're likely to stumble across without losing any sense of coherency, 'The Corpses Of Thought' boldly and bravely throws in a fistful of ferocious punk riffs alongside a hint of metal aggression as lead singer, Kelii adds in a dark touch of goth anger that wails its way through every song revealing glimpses of the Manchester quartet's vast collection of influences from the visceral aggression of Alice In Chains to the goth outcast of AFI right through to the incessant melody of a Motley Crue steam engine. Obsessive Compulsive has something for all to marvel in and bang their heads incessantly to.

Sounding like Juliette And The Licks in a fight to the death with AFI, 'God Shaped Hole' finds Obsessive Compulsive in all their rage driven dark glory as Kelii hails her way threateningly and yet mesmerizingly throughout the track. 'Dying Dying Dead' continues to thrash out with the best of them, breaking only for a full force section of guitar shredding that takes the track to the nth degree before the band slow things dramatically for the opening of 'Blood Everywhere' as Kelii again takes centre stage, revealing an intense fragility to her vocals before being joined by Giz, Pete and Jimi in feverishly upping the pace.

Viscerally raw and with a dark anger fuelled energy, Obsessive Compulsive manage to blend the fast ferociousness of full thrash metal alongside an intensely intriguing vulnerability that draws you steadily further into the band's impulsively addictive world.