Rock Radio Beckons

The Conway Story isn't your normal alternative rock band. For starters the multinational five piece (the band hail from the likes of California, Chile and Spain) has somewhat of an original band name, well at least its origins are different. Not many new acts would have the courage or perhaps the pretension to name their band after the 17th Century philosopher Anne Conway who, when struck with physical and mental pain attempted to reconcile the existence of a compassionate God with her own misfortune. As far as band names goes, The Conway Story certainly has one up on the likes of McFly. But what's a weirdly wonderful name if the music doesn't live up to it? 'Landing Light' finds The Conway Story treading a kind of no man's land in musical terms, one foot desperately trying to make a bold and life saving splash whilst being dragged down by the other that seems content to merely plod the same path as the likes of Snow Patrol and Coldplay and whilst those are paths that many new bands would be more than pleased to follow, there's a sense that this quintet want, and can actually deliver more.

Atmospherically haunting with vivaciously soaring choruses, 'Landing Light' offers glimpses of true beauty wrapped around a powerful vulnerability that seeps from each line. Intense and yet fragile, 'Landing Light' should guarantee The Conway Story is soon nestled within the hearts of rock radio listeners nationwide. Now if only they could loose the alternative rock label perhaps more would warm to their gracefully mesmerizing songs.