Soundtrack To The Summer

Ah, the 1990's, a decade jam packed with naive optimism and brimming with the idea of living life to the full, having fun and forgetting the decade before. Unsurprisingly Glaswegian trio the 1990s are pretty much the same. Veterans of the Glasgow indie scene, the 1990s are all about having fun and having a good time, lodging their tongue firmly in their cheek as they unleash an album doused in late 70s style anthems that boldly brandish brazen chords and stomping rhythms to kick start any party and provide the perfect soundtrack to a summer night out on the town.

'You Made Me Like It' sees the 1990s nervously leading you to the dance floor with a tentative slice of indie pop that playfully opens with a jangle of guitars before the irresistible pull of the 1990's harmonised vocals jump straight in to capture all. Sure, the lyrics may not be the most profound but they are fun, something many bands seem to have forgotten music should be about. Having got you warmed up, the 1990s then go for the jugular with their recent single, 'See You At The Lights'. From the instant the trio unashamedly unleash an onslaught of "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba's" it's clear that there is no escape from the feel good factor of this track. Try as you might you cannot resist the urge to jump around the room like an idiot, arms flaying madly as handclaps combine with harmonies and the Glasgow trio even throw in some ecstatic yelps of "hey!" just to insure they have you under their spell. 'See You At The Lights' is undeniably the highlight of Cookies and is destined to be the soundtrack to your summer, and who can resist when the band chuck in lyrics such as "get out like a blonde gets out of a car"? Resistance is futile so wave the white flag now.

With the party now in full swing the 1990's take time to unearth 1970s tinged slices of rock in the form of 'Cult Status'. Partly taking a swipe at cocksure rock and roll posers, 'Cult Status' sees the 1990's swaggering with arrogance, tongue in cheek and cheery grin for all to see. Indeed, the 1990's are all about smiling and having fun. 'Arcade Precinct' catches the band wielding some "la-la-la's" and watching Catholic schoolgirls at the arcade (hopefully a trip down memory lane and not an actual occurrence for the band), whilst 'Switch' embodies full Mick Jagger status as Jackie McKeown almost becomes The Stones front man, sneering and leering at all the right times whilst a thumping bass line subtly underpins the track.

By the end of 'Cookies', the 1990s have taken us on a trip laced with sex, drugs and of course rock and roll before 'Thinking Of Not Going' brings us back down to earth and reality with scuffled guitars and lines about how its time to get back to the wife. Chirpy, bold and with fun oozing from every beat, 'Cookies' is a summer feel good album that will have you merrily dancing like a deranged banshee, before bringing you back down in time for the next round. Cheery, hopeful and drenched in exuberance, Cookies is everything the last decade promised to be. Well, better late than never I suppose.