Scandalous cash in!

Okay, so chances are you've already heard the hype and quite possibly made up your own decision regarding this hardcore punk band from Hertfordshire. It's another cash-in from the record label as they re-release this album with the addition of a second disc which has 9 songs, six being from BBC's Punk/Rock Sessions.

I won't dwell too much on the album, 'Orchestra Of Wolves' as this fine website has already given it's humble opinion thanks to a great review from my colleague, Pete Worrell, so please click the following link to be musically educated!
Orchestra Of Wolves Review by Pete Worrell

First song, 'Abandon Ship', is quick and punchy and one of those songs that you can easily get into, with head-nodding and foot-tapping enjoyment! The thing you will notice, however, is that the songs don't sound too dissimilar to those on the album. There is possibly a touch more echo in the production, but really unless you look at the disc you may not even realise. 'Rolling With The Punches' is another of the standout album tracks so there's no surprises that it's here, with it's thrash-like vocals over adrenaline pumping guitar riffs. 'Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake' has a slow beginning that has a hollow sound of no overdubs, which gives it more character, whereas, 'Six Years' could again be the album track. The production on the last two, especially, 'Just Because You Sleep Next To Me' is a little more sloppy, or perhaps this is the band as these are the BBC Rock Sessions, whereas the first four tracks were the BBC Punk Sessions.

So then we have the real bonus of three songs not on, 'Orchestra Of Wolves'. First song, 'Sick Of Feeling Sick' is a little more punky. "It's fucking freezing!" main-screamer Frank sings out, and there is a nice little drum fill from skin-thumper Lee in there too. We then have chugging guitar riffs which almost border on a heavy version of stoner-rock before the vocals scream in, on the track, 'Black Heart Queen'. Last song, 'Nervous Breakdown' is classic punk, and although the vocals in the band have been criticised by some, let's not forget just how awful the original punk vocals were. This song sounds almost tuneful in comparison, finishing with a real punk ending with the lyrics, "I just wanna diiiiiie! Fuck!"

So there you have it, from a band that are causing a stir, whilst embarking on the glorious 40+ dates on America's Warped Tour, followed by Leeds & Reading festivals, and then a small 12 date British tour, before joining the Taste Of Chaos 9 date tour through Australia and Japan, it's fair to say that Gallows are hard working at showing their faces to all the right people.

As far as this bonus material, I'd probably just stick to the original album if you have it, unless you are one of the ever growing die-hard fans, and then, of course, it's a must! The jury are still out regarding whether we should believe the hype, but I suspect, dear reader, you've already an opinion.