A Lads Sing Along

From the pub to the football terrace, The Enemy are a band that are quickly becoming the band to sing along with in a drunken daze, so catchy and down to earth are their lyrics its simply too hard to resist. With thrash punk guitars and a vocal hook that unforgivingly stabs you from every direction, 'Had Enough' is a stomping slab of rampaging beats, chants and riffs that you've probably heard all before but still can't resist.

Sounding like The Knack being beaten to death by The Buzzcocks before idly sauntering down the mod route, 'Had Enough' is a lads anthem to stamp your fist to and chant along with as you swagger about confidently. Going for the killer blow, The Enemy set out to prove that they take no prisoners delivering a contagiously enticing chorus that kicks off with vocals that are almost spat out in disgust, shouting "Hey hey, what's the matter with your face, face?". Try not to sing along and see how long you can last before you're embarrassing yourself and shouting along with the Coventry lads.