Big Noise From The Big City

It is becoming more of a trend in these recent times for the youth of our nation to be taking on those older and more experienced. In their travels these young bands prove that youth and vigour can result in the same exciting performances as bands that have been playing for years…even decades. Quantice Never Crashed is simple proof of this. Starting form an early age in the big city full of big dreams, New York, these boys are really something to write home about.

Opening track, ‘The Physical Setting Of A Dream’ is a perfect example of this band’s extreme talent. Choosing an entirely vocal-less number, we are taken on a journey through mysterious guitars and haunting melodies. As each member flexes their musical muscles, I am sure this band has something special planned. ‘Shaolin Casanova’ is the boys bringing their own brand of extreme heat. The music and vocals are hard, fast and angry as the band rock out with passion and guts over spilling on all sides. The song breaks into short bursts of almost punk style riffage from time to time and really brings more texture and diversity to the band’s performance.

‘Running Man’ further proves the band's worth as the instrumental, with a distinct reminder of Finch, stops and starts to allow meaningfully integrated vocal sessions to carry the song’s sensation. Lulls in the music increase the uniformity of the instruments as both humans and instruments blend to a seamless mantra. ‘Two Bullets And A Gun’ begin the end with fast paced screams and riffs... all oozing aggression and passion. The screams of ‘Say it like you mean it’ can be heard distinctly over the tightly woven drums and guitars and the song plays out in a blaze of glory and enthusiasm. A definitive ground-conquering album.