Lightspeed Champion- Galaxy of the lost.

Domino Records have done it again: following in the footsteps of the likes of Arctic Monkeys, ironically Test Icicles and promising soloist Eugene McGuiness, comes Lightspeed Champion. Debut single 'Galaxy of the lost', released on the 16th July is a heartfelt yet humorous release, a perfectly arranged tune, hinging on the wonderful ambiguity of the Shakespeare style couplet of the chorus "I feel better now I've seen you, but deep inside my bones feel like timber". I'm finding myself singing it as I type,now if that's not enticing enough...

I was a huge fan of Test Icicles and without imagery, would not have picked this guy as an ex-member. But the tell tell signs are all there- Dev Hynes continues the slightly eccentric theme that played throughout the short period Test Icicles made music, yet the punk metal teenage angst has long gone- step forward folksy pop rock and giant furry monsters who are commonly found tying up new artists such as the one above.

It's actually really clever. Backing vocals by Emmy the Great add to the beauty of it, with the radio edit perhaps more catchy- check him out being all un-Test Icicles like and radio friendly. And he gets away with it, endearing personality and all. Test Icicles R.I.P, were an acquired taste, aiming at a very 'niche' market and Dev appears to be very much the same thing, but hopefully gaining a more successful response. Tours dates have been announced, with supporting slots for Bright Eyes throughout July.