Okay, so let's get the bad bit out of the way first. This two-track single was recorded a mere five weeks before lead singer, John MacIsaac's untimely and premature death, from a freak accident on the way to a friend's party.

Coming from Southampton, Mach Schau, are a gritty indie band full of rock'n'roll integrity, and lead singer John has been described as 'Making Liam Gallagher look about as rock'n'roll as your gran'.

'Making Your Excuses' is recorded well as you still feel like you are watching the band live and that this is not actually a layered recording in Dugout Studios, Fareham. The first impression that I get it that Mach Shau sound a little like The Ordinary Boys if you toned the ska down, and then throw in a small part of Coldplay.

Second song, 'Moving Targets' is better with fast beats and ferocious guitars, and of course the addition of a cow bell half way through is heaven sent. It's indie rock, but it is a bit more trashy and dirty which gives it a real charm. Think more Razorlight and The Strokes.

It's always a shame when a band finishes through tragedy, however there is still the band's CD available, 'The Complete Recordings 2005 2007' to keep the band's music and spirit alive. Mach Schau don't stand out as something fantastic, but there is definitely a little something about the band that lovers of simplistic indie rock with a British undertone will enjoy.