Indie Blueprint With Sparkle

On paper North Londoners Cajun Dance Party have the ability to put a forceful and assertive tick in all the right boxes. Catchy and punchy, they combine a youthful energy and charm with melodies and emotion aplenty, making for an indie blueprint some acts would trade their granny for. There's just one problem and its one that will either have you simply shrugging your shoulders at before you embracing the wonder of the music or else will have you reaching for the stop button muttering bitterly to yourself about how everything sounds the same now. You see the problem is Cajun Dance Party have the tendency to sound remarkably like the Kooks cross Pete Doherty and whether this appeals or repels will be down to personal taste pure and simple.

A soaring slice of grandeur quickly erupts into an infectious maze of jagged riffs and punchy beats that are instantly engaging and equally as contagious as 'Amylase' builds brilliantly on an indie blueprint that has "hit" seeping from every line. B side 'Fill The Cups' sees the Pete Doherty similarities raising their heads, only with a pleasant sense of direction and knowledge of instrumentation. If you can look past their similarities to other acts than Cajun Dance Party could just be the band you'll excitably be singing the praises of to anyone forced to listen. If not, than I suppose you could always resume that futile search to find a band who doesn't sound like anyone else good luck.