Beautifully Optimistic

Hauntingly beautifully and appealingly invigorating, 'Dogs' quite simply is a beautiful tune that wraps itself around you encouragingly and tenderly. Gently and timidly to start, Damien Rice's passion fuelled vocals build dramatically as they almost burst with emotion, affectionately telling of "the girl who does yoga" who he watches from afar as his rich voice combines with the soothing tones of Lisa Hannigan. A love story tied neatly and sweetly in a short space of time, 'Dogs' offers a sense of euphoria with instruments and vocals climaxing spectacularly before leaving you with the simplicity of Rice compassionately putting the song to rest.

With his second album gaining mass acclaim, it is clear that Rice is a singer songwriter to admire and cherish and with the optimistic vibe swirling throughout 'Dogs' it is hard not to come under the Irishman's charm. As emotionally intoxicating as it is enlivening, 'Dogs' is the track to stick on and try to capture the last breathe of summer as Rice grips you with his tale of love that actually offers hope and not wailing misery.