Scanners- Raw

London based four piece release their brand new single titled Raw on the 5th November, hoping to transfer their US popularity to their home land. Oozing qualities that most work at and miserably fail to pull off, Scanners find themselves in a rather comfortable position. Working the indie pop electro market, the quartet provide us with an outfit that manages to produce eclectic sound to suit most.

Yet it didn’t start well. The intro sounds almost out of key at points, a band note mishap that you gradually learn to realise, was by no means accidental. Scanners could be referred to as a dancy Joey Nightmate or Noisettes- possibly due primarily to the sexy vocals of feisty frontgirl and bass Sarah. The contrast of girl boy avoids sounding Sonny and Cher like and in fact sparks clear resemblances to the Shiny Toy Gun layout.

Raw is just as it’s stated, throwing beats thick and fast- spanking electro and new wave with an extremely hard stick and asking to be let in the clan. It’s just quite clearly very good- and extremely catchy. I’m screamed at by genres all over HMV for this one- but perhaps not so much so for the terrible remix it’s accompanied by.

Previous tracks such as “lowlife’ are just as intense, yet in a mellow sense- Arcade Fire esque. Influx label have found themselves quite a decent concoction, who have only to stay loyal to their taste to remain fantastic. Fear of conform I have to admit is rather high, their easy comparisons to so many bands make them similar to Air Traffic- and debut album for the Bournemouth boys wasn’t as much of a success as I expect the debut from these guys to be.

The band were on tour with Asobi Seksu throughout November and are set to play two London dates on the 21st and 31st of December. If your New Years Eve is yet to be scheduled- Scanners would be a perfect end to 2007.