A Potential Bet

Jerking recklessly with stuttering sparks that will instantly have toes tapping uncontrollably along, ‘Gambling Or Playing Cards?’ bristles with enough euphoric yelps and enthusiastic calls to have dance floors brimming in seconds. A debut release for Leeds quartet Wintermute, ‘Gambling Or Playing Cards?’ brilliantly merges the lines between indie and punk with rough and jagged vocals squealing appealing alongside distorted guitars with even some classic old school emo touches rearing their heads as the track judders and jolts around like a two year old after a caffeine hit.

Wintermute aren’t trying to recreate the wheel here though; sticking very much to a tried and tested formula ‘Gambling Or Playing Cards?’ may not leap out of an indie line up as being different but it none the less dynamic and fun filled laying good foundations for the young Leeds band to build upon. And with a darker edge peaking from beneath the grinding jangle of B side ‘Ask A Stupid Question’, packing the final blow of a shout along chorus, you can bet that the potential of these lads won’t go unnoticed for long.