Magically Optimisitic

Like strolling through the countryside on a summer’s evening, Sam Isaac’s latest release is flowing with every feel good factor going. Bursting with cheery nostalgia and simply brimming with vibrantly infectious optimism, ‘Sideways’ is beautifully engaging as it transports you away from the cold bleakness of winter. Keeping things minimal and uncomplicated, Sam Isaac relies purely on the simplicity of softly flowing guitars and the gentle beat of drums that charmingly weave their way amongst his passion fed vocals as ‘Sideways’ waltzes in and eliminates any new years blues that may have crept in.

Refreshingly open and magically optimistic, Sam Isaac is a solo artist to keep a close watch as his Malvern tinged accent gently adds a touch of personality and realism to his tracks, allowing Isaac to truly take you into his confidence and into his world. Forget the rain and wind outside, ‘Sideways’ is here to spread a little ray of sunshine into everyone’s life.