Stomping Chink Of Raw Rock

They may hail from America’s religious belt of Kentucky, they may have a name that suggests they’re all sweetness and light, the sort of nice young gents mothers always long for their daughters to bring home but Cage The Monkey are anything but. Putting the bite and venom savagely back into rock with an extra dollop of anger fed punk, Cage The Elephant aim to grab you by the jugular and terrify you into submission. Bible class this most definitely isn’t.

Concocting a fire ball raw energetic enthusiasm, the five Kentuckians are a paradox of slick, messy back to basics rock that will take you from the filthiest of back road bars right onto the arena stage in a blink of an eye. Wasting no time in taking a swipe at their doubters Cage The Elephant’s debut single is a tongue in check finger gesture at all those who dare mock them as they cheekily sing about “the crowd will only like me if they’re really fucking drunk” before lead vocalist Matt Schultz adds how it “goes in one ear and right out the other” as he half sings half raps akin to a young Anthony Kiedis, insuring his words slide and snap in all the right places and guaranteeing they punch you onto the dance floor.