Roll up, roll up!

You may have noticed the eerie vehicles rolling into town, setting up the big top, and ready to unleash another slice of the musical insanity on us. Yes, those freaky, but hugely entertaining lads from Brighton, 12 Stone Toddler, are back with their new single, ‘Come Back!’.

This is the opening track of the band’s fantastic debut album, ‘Does It Scare You?’ which was released in the summer of last year, and follows the successful singles, ‘The Rabbit’, ‘Twang’ and ‘Candles On The Cake’. If, of course, you have heard even one song of this band then you will know what to expect, however if you are a virgin to this then be warned you may want an adult present…

‘Come Back!’ has a fantastic groove of piano and guitars, with added wooden percussion that I’ve not heard since school in music class! It’s a catchy number that once again showcases singer/bassist Chris Otero’s voice, as it leaps around the lyrics penned by keyboard player Ben Jones. At one point we hear the lyrics of, “I’m turning into my daddy // He turned into my granddaddy // Then someone will turn into me // is there an end to this story?” these are questions that perhaps we don’t think enough about each day.

The single also comes with an instrumental version so you can practise your vocal gymnastics as you paint your face, grab a top hat and cane, and then prance around entertaining whoever might be in your bedroom at that time…well, that’s what I did…*ahem*

12 Stone Toddle are as quirky as a pair of jellied eels in your Y-fronts, but if you have a love of carnival-rock mixed in with Zappa-esque Psychedelic rock, then look no further than the tent next to the bearded lady, and the dog-boy. Sometimes it’s a pleasant change to listen to a band and then question your own sanity afterwards!