Creature With The Atome Brain- I Am the Golden Gate

There’s a lot of funky music out there at the minute. You could walk into any nationwide HMV store and find a “Funky/ out there” section I’m sure of it. The ‘creature’ as he likes to be formally known, is the hidden identity of Aldo Struyf; produces his very first full length album “I am the golden gate” released the 31st March.

Infadels and Hot Chip (without the radio friendly ibe of the latter) can definitely be name dropped when listening to the first couple of tracks. It starts very brightly in fact; if simple in lacking originality and ideas, but still safe.

The rawness of the release appeals directly to my gigging nature, helping visualise this random act on stage somewhere- probably in a tree. The CD sounds like drugs in the musical form. Remember Evil Dead 2? It’s like the music form of that- random, unmotivated and un-trailed yet still hilariously entertaining.

I really enjoyed the beginning; bopping along to electro rock, and it stretched out most of they way. I guess it’s like anything; if you aren’t a massive fan of the genre then you are going to struggle to hold out through all 12 tracks, but I tried my best. At times, the creature sound uncannily like Kate Moss’ new love; the Kills Jamie Hince, and the sound can also be slipping that way.

Mid way through, hypnotic build up tracks amount to (unfortunately) nothing, but resemble new Hot Chip material. It just ended up losing me, watch out for track ten; as in avoid if possible. It’s almost frightening in fact.

It’s okay, but nothing enthralling. Standing up and shouting about it from the top of your lungs is probably not a statement set to be backed by millions; but the niche audience might enjoy.