Great, and that’s the truth!

There is no doubting that Go:Audio should get the full credit that they deserve, and I believe that they will be another of the successful English Indie/Rock bands, but why? Well, their first single ‘Woodchuck’ from their mini album (read 4-track EP) was a very good catchy song, even if the other three fell just a little short of the mark. Here we have the second single, ‘Made Up Stories’ which again is highly accessible.

Go:Audio have a great habit of producing songs that too ballsy to be Pop, to Poppy to be Punk, and too catchy to be Indie, so therefore it is of no surprise that they have recently toured with the slightly more Indie/Pop band scouting For Girls.

‘Made Up Stories’ starts with chugging guitars and sounds a little like the fabulous Skirtbox, before we have keyboards and big chunky Punk riffs, making this mid-tempo song as catchy as hell, whilst being radio friendly and hip at the same time. This version only has the one song, however the Epic’s CD Single will be released with another track, ‘Woodchuck’s Revenge’, so thanks for not including that guys…

All in all, Go:Audio are a good band that take the popular Indie feel and through in some sunshine American Pop/Punk for good measure. Good stuff!