The Accidental - I can hear your voice

The Accidental are something akin to a folk-rock ‘supergroup’ (should such a thing exist!), featuring members of The Memory Band, Tunng and The Bicycle Thief. The band’s name is representative of the group evolved in “a very natural way” from “experimenting with a bit of co-writing” to becoming a “band in its own right” gaining members “through spontaneous events” along the way. ‘I Can Your Voice’ is very much as you would expect; acoustic, understated, yet charming in its obvious naivety. Its two-chord strum along feel coupled with some delicate accordion touches and its beautiful simplistic arrangement and melody is reminiscent of Oasis’ ‘Half the World Away’. Whilst it will not to be everyone’s tastes, ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ is a shining example of folksy-acoustic songwriting and it is very difficult not be overcome by its naiveté nature. The Accidental will no doubt find many fans with their low key loveliness.