Summer's Here

Swishing and shimmering along on a colossal tidal wave of summer feel goodness, Scotland’s Sergeant are set to douse all in indie pop splendour. Pinching the jingle jangle anthem zest of The La’s and layering them with some View-esque vocals minus the yelping twitches that jerk apart their songs before slipping in a touch of Cast when they could still pen an indie anthem with pop catchiness, debut single ‘K’OK’ buzzes with sheer indie pop radiance. Like a warm British summertime in a handy disc, ‘K’Ok’ oozes more summertime cheer than a glass of cider drunk whilst wearing wellies at Worthy Farm.

Don’t let the fact that they are becoming the poster boys of a certain music magazine put you off, this is a band with indie pop in their very core and if nothing else, ‘K’ok, will have you dancing with a summer spring in your step before you have even reached a festival field.