Kaki King single.

As the press release informs more than once, Kaki King has never been one for convention. Yet, in a stereotypical female singer-songwriter era, I beg to differ.

New single taken from her fourth studio album “Dreaming of Revenge”, ‘Pull Me Out Alive’ brings harmonic melodies and synthetic vocals to the surface; opening with Smoosh-eqsue tempo and fear induced whispers. It’s all very dramatic and wonderfully crafted, however all too familiar.

High praise from The Independent (any surprises?), MOJO and the one and only Dave Grohl, King sets King up rather nicely for a career at the top with her alternative planet pop. And I do like it. Then again, I also like Polly Paulisma, KT Tunstall and Kate Nash. It’s a hard market to fight within and whilst pull me out alive won’t lose her any fans, it’s predictably not going to gain her that many either.

Other tracks featured ‘Saving Days In A Frozen Head’ and ‘Bone Chaos In The Castle’ give us a better insight into the album, one which promises a relaxed yet motivational release. 'Pull Me Out Alive' can clearly be bettered by other album material, don’t write her off just yet.