Set For A Tweenie Craze

You can hear the warning sirens wailing the minute your eyes scan the press release. Just one phrase sends chills through the body as you discover that you’re about to hear the work of a band formed purely for the forthcoming Paramount film, ‘Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging’. It’s hardly the biography of The Libertines or Guns N Roses is it? No toilet circuit for these guys but don’t let little facts like that put you off, after all you haven’t heard them yet …

Brandishing a name that would make any angst fuelled punk wannabes proud, it is somewhat alarming to discover that Stiff Dylans are actually connected with Nickelodeon with a sound that will have McFly quaking in their boots. Bursting with more energy than a cocktail of Red Bull and e numbers, ‘Ultraviolet’ is bubblegum pop with a sparkling punk label, inoffensive and brimming with enthusiastic energy to have pre-teens in a frenzy by the end of the first line. Corporate punk perfectly packaged for tweenies to devour, ‘Ultraviolet’ will undoubtedly have middle class parents in raptures of panic whilst their innocent little girls go mad for a band named the Stiff Dylans whilst the rest of us can smugly avoid the latest wave of tween idols as parents try red faced to explain the band’s innuendo laced name.