Breathtaking Gloom With A Spring In Its Step

You’d be forgiven for thinking that everything in Leeds was sunny and rosy, that every band plying their trade relied merely on some chant enticing shouts that were searching for a terrace to invade or a festival field to stake their claim on such has been the influx of like minded Leeds’ bands in the past few years thanks mostly to the rise of the Kaiser Chiefs. But for those who cringe at the thought of yet another bout of pop heavy contagiousness dressed in indie rock clothing, fear not, not everything in Leeds is merry and sweet.

Deliciously dark and marrying a dose of moody mellowness with a menacingly exciting punch, I Concur are post-rock at its atmospheric gloomy best. Written almost three years ago, the band’s second single release, ‘Oblige’ finds the Leeds quartet offering a chunk of epic brilliance and making it sound effortlessly simple as their sweepingly dynamic guitar work escalates, layering upon spine tingling vocals with an ease to amaze and dazzle. Intimately tender to start, ‘Obige’ steadily builds, unleashing gloom laced tight rhythms akin to Joy Division amidst a Smiths-esque attitude and sensitivity to excite as it plucks at the heartstrings before the band expand their atmospheric seeking sound, adjusting to widescreen and reaching a powerfully crushing crescendo. Breathtaking gloom with an uplifting bounce in its step destined to thrill all.