Taking Over The World One Radio Station At A Time

Love them or loathe them there’ll be no escaping Chicago’s Fall Out Boy as the quartet spearhead their latest mission at world domination. Armed only with hook heavy tracks that render you weak with insanity or pleasure, either way they don’t really care, Fall Out Boy’s latest single finds them with a throbbing bass line to drive a touch of cynicism into proceedings whilst still managing to erupt enthusiastically with a sugary sweet dose of catchy lyrics. Let the singing and dancing commence.

Taken from their fifth album, "Folie a Deux", ‘I Don’t Care’ has absorbed the blueprint for writing a hook ridden bout of infectious rock and thrown everything plus the kitchen sink at it. Try as you might the irresistible pull of a sing out loud chorus is going to have the vocal chords straining within a few seconds so you might as well surrender now. Catchy, witty and with their tongues firmly wedged in their cheeks, Fall Out Boy are back, so grab the white flags now as ‘I Don’t Care’ takes over airwaves nationwide; there's no escape.