There are no dummies here…!

Following on from last years album , ‘Does It Scare You?’ comes the lead single from the band’s up and coming ‘awkward’ second album, ‘Scheming’ which is set to hit the shops in February next year on Amazon Records.

The Brighton four-piece are not scared of being different and ‘Under The Weather’ follows on from where the previous album left off. It’s hard to poke them into a genre, and this is one of the great things about them. Over a heavy bassline we have vocals of, “Ba, ba, ba-baba-ba” matching the synthesizer keys perfectly, until the chilled vocals glide in between the Elctro-Indie whilst the repetitive “ba ba.’s” carry on without being boring. It’s a strange melody that you will be humming all day!

If you take a band like the Scissor Sisters and drained out the camp-ness and injected a little more testosterone whilst not losing any of the theatrics, then you would get 12 Stone Toddler. Each song is interesting and slightly whacky which is all great by me. So finally unleashed out of their play pen to waddle and dribble into a town near you, 12 Stone Toddler are back bring the excitement of the circus with songs that project imagery and tantalise your imagination…Great stuff!