Back With Added Jagged Bite

After promising that ‘You Could have It So Much Better…’, Franz Ferdinand disappeared off the radar, leaving the indie scene to become inundated with Arctic Monkey wannabes and a guy and girl combo who apparently aren’t named Stacey. Now finally, the Glaswegian quartet is back but are they going to live up to their promise this time round.

Initial glances suggest that little has changed in the Franz camp and in a reassuringly calming way, that’s no bad thing. Brandishing a hook that should have health and safety officials nationwide convulsing in panic, ‘Ulysses’ is classic Franz with extra jagged bite hiding beneath a sly wink and deluge of sleazy innuendos to charm and offend with added glee. From the instant Alex Kapranos lizard lounge croon slides across the track, ‘Ulysses’ takes on a life of its own, stabbing with 80’s electro beats molded to trademark Franz angular guitars that don’t ask but rather command that you too are stamping your feet along to the beat with indie finesse as Kapranos’ sleaze laced threats climax in a rage of yelps to truly signal the bands return.